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Vanilla Kush Moon Rocks Strain Review


Product Description


THC: 32.65% | THCA: 16.75% | CBD: 1.45% | CBDA: 0.72%

Lineage: Kashmir Hash Plant X Kush

Vanilla Kush Moonrocks packs a strong punch that will put you in the best state of relaxation. Packing a variety of herbal and floral it provides a sweet flavor with a lasting high. coming from Barney’s Farm this Indica-dominant strain is recommended for experienced users.

Flavors: Floral – Herbal – Sweet

Prospective Properties: Anti-depressant – Pain – Euphoria – Relaxation

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Vanilla Kush Moonrocks Patient Review

The vanilla kush moonrocks definitely hit it out of the park and take you to a whole other level when you smoke them. All you need is just a little bit on the top of a bong pack bowl or whatever you prefer but a little bit sure a hell goes a long way. The effects from these moonrocks was a nice relaxing indica eased muscle tension helped with muscle spasms the pain relief. This was a very nice potent and a generous eighth from nature’s grace once again! I’ll always be impressed with the moonrocks nature’s grace puts out this is the third time I have purchased moonrocks from them and have never been let down this definitely isn’t for everyone because of how potent it is but for someone with a high tolerance or just really needs to get blasted to feel better after one of them long stressful days this is the perfect thing. The smell of everything mixed together is a little hard to explain but kind of like a sweet skunky smell to it. The smoke is very thick and flavorful with a fresh floral taste as well as the taste of kief and oil. You’ll definitely feel nice and relaxed off of this so it helps very well to get a nice night of sleep.

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