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Turbo Lemon Cake Prerolls

Product Description

Turbo Lemon Cake Pre-Rolls, a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cheese gives patients a strong citrus scent along with a great flavor that leads to a strong sense of relaxation and uplifted feeling. It has been used to treat stress, muscle fatigue, and pain.

Patients looking for stress relief should give it a chance, also patients with severe pain, muscle fatigue, and appetite loss.

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Turbo lemon cake pre-rolls

With these prerolls it had a very strong aroma to it. The smell was a fresh citrus with a side of earthiness to it. After smoking one of the prerolls it gave me so much energy and relieved a lot of muscle fatigue. I was able to move around quite a bit pain free and had energy with motivation to get up and be productive. These were a pretty potent batch of prerolls the percentages were very high and you could definitely tell that it was a potent joint by time you finished it. For this being a sativa it didn’t give me any anxiety like some do. Although with most prerolls i did experience the joint “running” a little bit as it smoked but that wasn’t much of an issue to me it was easy to fix with the magic trick of a little saliva and then it burned real good the rest of the way. Prerolls from revolution are a great bang for your buck getting three .8 joints which will definitely do the trick for pretty much anyone. This was a very enjoyable high that helped with give me some energy relieved some muscle fatigue as well as back pain. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice uplifting energetic high that will get you feeling great but still being able to function without any issues.

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