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Sweet Pea CBD Flower Strain Review

Product Description


THC: 0.01% | THCA: 0.8% | CBD: 0% | CBDA: 15.06%

Lineage: Sweet Relief x Pennywise

If you are looking for a strain that will not give you the psychoactive effects that other strains will give while at the same time providing you with great relief from pain, inflammation, and depression than you should give sweet pea CBD a try. This strain has a serious dose of CBD so new users should be cautious.

Flavors: Sweet – Earthy – Citrus

Prospective Properties: Anti-Convulsant – Anxiety Relief – Anti-Depressant – Anti-Inflammatory

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Sweet Pea CBD Strain Review MCC

1 gram sweet pea cbd flower I got this as a free promo which seriously means the world to me when you guys do that it helps me out so much and who wouldn’t like something free that legit will help them feel better my god it helps me out so much you guys are the best for that but this flower had a different taste then any flower I’ve had before I’m not to sure how to describe it but it had a decent taste as you hit it the smoke was thick and flavorful of a earthy tone this was a great flower to mix in with another flower to get great pain relief after a long day at work when I need it most I even smoked a bong pack of this by it self to truly see the effect of cbd alone with no thc and the results melted my back pain away it was crazy to see how much this helped and is truly something everyone needs to mix in with flower here and there if it fits in the budget but it won’t let you down with the amount of pain relief this offers thanks again for the free sample it was great and helped out so much I definitely intend on buying some cbd flower here and there to mix in when I have some extra money

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