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Pure Uplifting Spearmint CO2 Cartridge

CO2 Cannabis Cartridge

Product Description

THCA: N/A | THC: 62.5% | CBDA: N/A% | CBD: 0.11%

500mg THC

A-Pinene & Beta-Caryophyllene
Energetic effect with refreshing mint flavor

Aroma: Fresh pine.
Effect: Alertness, memory retention.
Medicinal Benefits: Asthma, antiseptic.
Also Found In: Pine needles, rosemary, basil, parsley, dill.

Aroma: Pepper, spicy.
Effect: No detectable physical effects.
Medicinal Benefits: Gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory; good for arthritis, ulcers, autoimmune disorders, and other gastrointestinal complications.
Also Found In: Black pepper, cloves, cotton

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