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Powder keg Flower Strain Review

LOUIS XIII flower strain

Product Description

70% Sativa | 30% Indica

THC: 0.7% | THCA: 25.07% | CBD: .13% | CBDA: 0%

Lineage: Schrom X Northern Lights Haze

If you ever need a push to get through the day you cannot go wrong choosing Powder Keg by Natures Grace and Wellness. This sativa dominant hybrid delivers patients a great sense of focus to help them complete their daily activities. The explosive energy from this strain is not meant for the faint of heart, but it’s a must try for experienced users.

Flavors: Pungent – Spicy – Citrus

Prospective Properties: Euphoria – Anxiety Relief – Nausea Relief – Anti-Spasmodic

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Powder Keg by Natures Grace MCC

This was a very great 12 dollar gram for the 4/20 special I was really impressed with this strain overall and would love to see it on the menu again in the future hopefully because it’s effects helped me a lot with my pain anxiety and stress it almost just melted it all away and left me feeling so much better I wish there was more left in stock as well as even having the money to get more of this because of how much I loved it the smell was very weak faint smell of an earthy tone but looked nice and frosty with a nice shade of green the effects from this melted away pain it lifted my mood to a nice positive state while the effects were going strong once again nature’s grace hit it off with a wonderful strain I’ve liked every product I’ve gotten from them and have no been let down yet hopefully everyone else who purchased this flower benefitted from the great effects this strain put off as much as it helped me this felt like a nice balanced hybrid so it was the best of both worlds which left me very relaxed as well as uplifted and in a great peaceful mood it helped relieve a lot of pain from a long day of doing stuff around the apartment but wasn’t to much to knock me out or give me anxiety so it was overall a great flower and I hope to see it on the menu again

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