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Phantom Cookies

Product Description

Phantom Cookies, a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie from northern California, this hybrid comes at you with a mix of an earthiness and sweet grape and berry aroma that is sure to rank among your favorites. This hybrid has shown to help bring a happy and relaxed state of mind while also being useful in treating pain.

Patients needing a clear and relaxed mind should definitely give it a try, also patients with severe pain, muscle spasms, and appetite loss.

Patient Reviews and Photos:

phantom cookies 7gs

The phantom cookies by revolution is hands down one of my favorite buds!! After getting the 7 grams for the crazy deal you offered for $65 I could not pass that up! When I first got home and smoked this flower I felt a high that wasn’t like any other typical high. The high I felt from this flower was extremely relaxed then it definitely increased my appetite followed by a heavier sedation later on. I loved this flower so much I went back right away to grab another as you can see in the picture it was very frosty with crystals so it was a very beautiful bud to look at! The aroma when you open the container was a very fresh and sweet smell to me it honestly smelt just like a grape tootsie pop. This was overall a really great hybrid mix with a heavier indica to it. This flower will help with back pain, increase your appetite, reduces stress, calms your anxiety, and helps with sleep very well! With all the great affects and the great high feeling you get from this flower you can’t pass it up it’s the best of everything with how much it helped me with my daily battles so I highly recommend this flower to anyone!

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