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Peppermint Kush Cannabis Oil

Hurkle Oil

Product Description

54%THC – 9%CBD – TOTAL 72%

At SCCS, we extract our cannabis oil with co2 for a solventless extract. Our whole plant extraction is literally the whole plant – every flower and terpene goes into the machine, so we’re getting potency over 65% without any secondary processes or additional solvents.

Patients can use our co2 cannabis oil for vaping (only coils that can handle thick oil) and dabbing, as well as eating the oil in small increments, or allowing it to soak into the mouth for a sublingual effect. Patients can add their gram of oil to homemade edibles, without the trouble of cooking raw flower into butter.

Things to Know When Purchasing SCCS co2 Cannabis Oil

  1. Co2 oil is the most pure, concentrated cannabis medicine on the planet. We do not add any carrier oils or other ingredients to thin out the oil, which makes it the most economical choice for cannabis medicine.
  2. There is nothing dangerous in our oil that needs to be removed. Co2 is a solventless extraction.
  3. We decarb the plant matter so it is “activated” and the milligrams in the oil are THC and CBD, not THCa and CBDa.
  4. CBD rich cannabis oil takes a bit longer for the patient to feel the effect, but it lasts for hours longer than THC oil. Contrary to popular belief, there is a psychoactive effect to CBD, and when the oil is a 1:1 ratio, an even amount of THC and CBD, the oil has a strong psychoactive effect.
  5. Each syringe contains 600-700+ milligrams of THC and CBD. So the “grain of rice” measurement is too much for beginners. Our syringes are clearly marked by mL, and patients should use the measurements on the syringe for even dosing. Start with just 1mL, a tiny drop of oil. Use a toothpick to scrape the drop from the syringe.
  6. Rub your drop of oil into your gums for a sublingual application that skips the digestive system.
  7. We make our oil for patients who choose to medicate orally, but the oil can be vaped in a rig or pen that can handle very thick oil.
  8. Co2 oil is similar to Rick Simpson oil, or RSO. But co2 oil is not made with dangerous solvents.
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