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Papaya Flower Strain Review

Papaya flower strain image

Product Description

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

THCA: 23.05% | THC: 0.01% | CBDA: 0.69% | CBD: 0.00%

Lineage: Jock Horror x Skunk #1

This Papaya flower strain may be an Indica-dominant hybrid but patients report effects that would make you feel like it’s more of a Sativa instead. Patients report a mental calm as well as an energetic effect. Papaya’s aroma truly lives up its name while also delivering a sweet and tropical taste. Papaya flower is a seasonal strain so if you see it on the menu make sure you jump on it as it doesn’t stick around for long, check out our current selection of Indica Flowers here.

Flavors: Sweet – Mango – Tropical

General: Relaxed – Happy – Euphoric – Hungry

Prospective Properties: Muscle Spams, Pain Relief, Antidepressant, Stress Relief

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Papaya Flower Strain ReviewThis eighth of papaya is a strain that will do wonders for someone who experiences pain on the levels I do daily after smoking enough of this I feel like me again I can move around without all the discomfort I normally would feel the smell is a nice floral sweet fresh smell the buds are light and fluffy that just crumble with ease but at the same time just seems a little to fluffy for my liking but they are full of crystals which testing at 23% I believe it was didn’t seem to great to me for being such a pricey eighth but I like to try new things and knew I wouldn’t be let down which was the case with this strain I hope it becomes a permanent strain because of the effects this flower puts off and how much it helps ease pain and discomfort if recommend this for people looking for pain relief but not anything to overwhelming during the day it will leave you relaxed but not sedating to me ao it was a good flower overall and helped my needs perfect

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