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OG 18 Flower Strain Review

OG 18 flower strain image

Product Description

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

THCA: 23.31% | THC: 0.57% | CBDA: 1.06% | CBD: 0.00%

Lineage: OG Kush Phenotype

OG 18 flower strain comes from the vastly known OG Kush. This Indica dominant hybrid delivers a long-lasting sedative and trancy effect. Making it a great pick for patients looking to relax. Staying true to its predecessors, OG 18 carries the distinct diesel kush flavor with sour undertones. Check out our line of Indica Flowers here.

Flavors: Diesel – Earthy – Pine

General: Relaxation – Happy – Uplifted

Prospective Properties: Pain Relief – Stress Relief – Anti-Inflammatory

Patient Reviews and Photos:

OG 18 flower strain reviewI choose to get this supersized eighth of OG-18 because I’ve had a gram of this stuff a couple months ago never really thought to much of the strain until I finally tried it and when I did it was definitely something else reminds me of being in high school and getting street weed when you smoke and the effects just last long and leave you in a relaxed mood in the end this flower sure can do that this will hit you pretty quick and is a nice potent batch so a little goes a long way after just a couple hits out of the bong you feel it hit your whole body with a deep relaxation followed with sedating quality’s as well the smell is a little grape floral and earthy tones the buds are nice sized but the buds just seem a little to sticky and not as dry as it should be but with the boveda packs it should be the right humidity so it just might not be what I perfer but overall this is a wonderful flower and I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a true indicas that has all the indicas values.

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