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Louis XIII Flower Strain Review

LOUIS XIII flower strain

Product Description

30% Sativa | 70% Indica

THC: 1.05% | THCA: 19.68% | CBD: .13% | CBDA: 0%

Lineage: OG Kush X LA Confidential

Louis XIII is a great strain for patients seeking relief from stress or looking for a good nights sleep. A strong scent You cannot help but feel its OG characteristics as it produces a deeply relaxing effect. We recommend this strain for nighttime use to really benefit from its relaxing and sleep-inducing effects.

Flavors: Earthy – Spicy – Piney

Prospective Properties: Sedation – Pain Relief – Stress Relief – Anti-Spasmodic

Patient Reviews and Photos:


Louis 13 will always be a nice night time flower for me this is one of the few strains that can actually put me to sleep which is a huge issue I’ve been having so when I’m lucky enough to have this beautiful flower it does wonders for me just 2-3 hits out of the bong and instantly I feel the muscles relax in my body you feel a very heavy relaxed feeling that after 20-45 minutes you will be able to get some well deserved sleep. The smell isn’t all the best to me it’s kind of an earthy dry dirt smell but the smoke is nice and smooth with a clean taste to it. This is definitely bested smoked right before bed so you can take full advantage of the sedation effects this will give you it will make you mind feel great and eased of all stress and tension I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a flower to knock them out or is in major relief from stress this wouldn’t be for beginners due to the intense high feeling but this would definitely help out many people looking for a great night sleep.

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