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Lemon Tag Flower Strain Review

Product Description

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

THCA: 23.31% | THC: 0.57% | CBDA: 1.06% | CBD: 0.00%

Lineage: Lemon OG x Lemon Skunk

Lemon Tag is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Lemon OG Kush and Lemon Skunk. The skunky sour lemon-lime smell will be sure to catch your attention, perfect for patients looking to ease their pain throughout the day. Browse our current selection of Sativa Flowers here.

Flavors: Lemon – Citrus – Floral

General: Relaxation – Happy – Uplifting

Prospective Properties: Pain Relief – Stress Relief – Anti-Inflammatory – Antidepressant

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Lemon Tag Strain ReviewNature’s grace really doesn’t get the credit they deserve I’ve never been let down with any flower I’ve gotten from them and also another reason I love them so much I weigh my bud out all the time and nature’s grace always always always like to give you a fat eighth this weighed 4.08 grams I’ll take that anyway for my eighths but back to the main reasons this flower has an amazing feeling after smoking it’s perfect for the first smoke of the day for me still got some waking up to do so I don’t want to be wired but also not to much on the indica side so this is a perfect day strain that is very potent and gives you a very nice head euphoria the smell wasn’t as strong with this flower mainly earthy with some skunk to it but the smoke was a little bit on the harsh side so you just gotta take smaller hits but after 10-15 min all the medical effects set in and make you feel better easing pain brining your mood up helps ease stomach pains amazing for me and is just overall a great strain a lot better then a batch I tried about 8 months ago nature’s grace always has some good products and this flower is one of them

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