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Key Lime Surprise OG Flower Strain Review

Key Lime Surprise flower strain review

Product Description


THC: 27.33% | THCA: 0.0% | CBD: 0.0% | CBN: 0.28%

Lineage: Ghost Train Haze x Triangle Kush

Key Lime Surprise flower is a favorite for patients looking to find a nice balanced feeling of euphoria and relaxation. This hybrid’s effects tend to be more physical and be used as a  strong sedative at higher doses along with a very nice citrus smell.

Flavors: Sweet- Lime- Diesel

Prospective Properties: Pain Relief – Stress Relief – Mood Elevation

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Key lime surprise OG  is one of the only strains that helps with my anxiety and migraines. This hybrid has a powerful punch. This strain will not have you stuck. In matter of fact it does the opposite. Great morning boost, better than coffee. The looks of this strain is beautiful. Lots of trichomes and small plump buds. It also has plenty of therapeutic benefits relaxation of muscles, stress relief. The taste is awesome it had lime zest too it. Key lime surprise OG has a pungent skunky smell and is best indulged anyway you want to smoke it. The THCA is at 27.33%, if you have a low thc tolerance try this strain at your own risk. Before being ignited this strain has a fruity candy like citrus smell to it. The buds are very sticky so be careful when rolling joints, blunts, etc. This strain to me is best anytime of day or night. This strain will not have you feeling rugged. It will leave you with a mellow relaxed feeling. If you over do it then it will knock you out. Although I prefer larges buds, this has been one of the best strains because of the medical benefits it possesses.

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