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Granddaddy Purple Shake

Product Description

Granddaddy Purple comes from a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud giving GDP it’s nice grape and berry scent, purple color vibe and a strong bud size. You will definitely be able to feel it working in throughout your mind and body by providing patients with a relaxed physical state while your mind continues to dream big.

Patients looking for stress relief should give it a chance, also patients with severe pain, muscle spasms, insomnia and appetite loss.

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Grand daddy purple shake 14g

With the grand daddy purple shake overall it was just okay to me it wasn’t to strong of an indica for my tolerance and as the high wore off it gave me a weird feeling and put me in a low mood everytime I smoked this product. The smell of the shake was great it had a fresh sweet chocolate grape smell to me. This was a nice fluffy batch of shake that looked pretty good to me overall. For this being shake I couldn’t complain much at all about the quality of the Cannabis. It helped alleviate back pain and tension while putting you in a nice relaxed calm mood but as it wore off kinda made you feel upset and down with no motivation so you had to smoke again right away when the high was wearing off otherwise it just wasn’t a great mood to be in. This product would be great to make some edibles with for the relaxed laid back feeling it gave. Overall the shake wasn’t to bad for what you got the only thing I didn’t care for was the come down from it but other then that I couldn’t complain and would recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing indica to make edibles with or just looking for the shake to get a great bang for your buck when your on a budget.

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