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Grace’s Cookies Rosin


Product Description

THCA: 57.22% | THC: 11.5% | CBDA: .24% | CBD: .15%

Introducing Solvent Free Rosin, a cutting edge, clean, cannabis extract used for inhalation. A strain specific product of our best quality bud. Much like BHO (butane hash oil) extracts, this concentrated form of medical cannabis is highly potent. Unlike other forms, rosin hash is extracted without the assistance of any foreign compounds, which makes it the purest form of high potency cannabis on the market.

This extraction method allows for an incredibly safe and smokable product. Made with a calculated combination of pressure and low heat, rosin retains a high percentage of the natural terpenes.

Rosin is an extraction of the naturally occurring plant resin that contains valuable cannabinoids, comparable in it’s appearance to the commonly known rosin made from pine tree resin. The result is a slightly sticky, hard form similar to that of shatter. Due to the sticky nature of the product, it should always be stored in a cool location.

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