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Gosht OG x Blue Dream Sugar Crumble Wax

Product Description

Gosht OG x Blue Dream Sugar Crumble Wax, a cross between the pain-relieving hybrid strain Ghost OG and the heavier Blue Dream that can relax the mind and body. It brings a great mix of flavors with just a single dab effective enough for patients to feel its benefits to stress, pain, appetite, and sleep.

Patients needing a happy and euphoric feeling should definitely give it a try, also patients with severe pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

Patient Reviews and Photos:

ghost og x blue dream sugar crumble wax

This new sugar crumble wax was the first time I tried “sugar crumble” and it was a really good experience from the moment you opened the bottle and seen how great the product looked with the beautiful golden color to all the sugary crystals you see shine in the wax like a diamond in the light! I’ve had this strain in the flower form before and they both give you the same effects it’s a very great indica to help with sleep and insomnia. Just one to two dabs will do the trick with this guy! The taste you can’t beat either it was full of many different flavors and had a nice clean smoke compared to other waxes I’ve had before. This sugar crumble wax is very easy to work with weather your just taking a bad to packing your dab pen just break the little slabs into the right size chunk for you and then just sit back and enjoy the effects! This strain is also very good for appetite stimulation and will give you the munchies so be prepared and enjoy the wonderful high you will get from this great mix! I would recommend this sugar crumble wax to anyone looking for pain relief appetite stimulation stress depression and so much more it really helps with quite a bit so it makes this a very great strain that will help me out whenever I need it.

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