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Double Tangie Banana Flower Strain Review

Product Description

60% Sativa | 40% Indica


Lineage: Banana Sherbert x Tangie

Double Tangie Banana is a great pick for patients looking to add a lot of flavor to their medicine. With a great terpene profile, this strain is sure to leave a good taste in your mouth. It combines great tastes with an uplifting effect that will make your day stress free.

Flavors: Sweet – Tropical – Citrus

Prospective Properties: Uplifting – Migraine Relief – Stress Relief – Anti-depressant

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Double Tangie Banana Strain review MCCThe double tangie banana has a very great strong citrusy smell to it the look is just as great with light green dark green the bright orange hairs with a fair amount of frost to go with it all as soon as I opened this and got a smell of the strong citrus and the look at how beautiful the nugs were I fell in love with this flower it is a nice hybrid stronger on the sativa side I’m not much of a sativa guy because the indicas help me the most but every once in a while it’s nice to switch it up because the effects never let me down it helps just as much and is nice to get a different feeling this is great for daytime use it helps with stress anxiety depression and pain so it helps with quite a bit I’d recommend this flower to anyone looking for a nice shuttle high but also an uplifting feeling at the same time the smell will blow anyone away with one wiff if they love the citrus as much as I do this overall was a great flower to smoke and I enjoyed it very well this flower can help out anyone from the everyday smoker to the people who just need one hit and are fine the taste is very pleasant because of the citrusy smell so it will leave you nice and relaxed

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