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Critical Cure Clear Oil Cartridge Review


Product Description

Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 28.4% | THCA: 8.86% | CBD: 20.5% | CBDA:28.8%

Ratio: 1:1 THC:CBD

Critical Cure is highly regarded by patients dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, and stress all while giving little psychoactive effects. This cartridge favorite has also been shown to be effective in battling anxiety and depression.

Flavors: Earthy – Sweet

Prospective Properties: Relaxation – Anti-Inflammatory – Nausea Relief – Anti-Spasmodic

Patient Reviews and Photos:


I bought the Critical Cure Clear Oil 0.5mg cartridge with the battery. And it was recommended to me by Tom, I believe. It’s a higher concentrate of the CBD cartridge I usually get. Even though it says it’s an Indica Dominant Hybrid, I don’t usually like the Indica dominant because the THC affects me a bit too much. It is a 1:1 though so maybe it equals it out quite a bit. Whenever I take a puff or two, I instantly feel an effect of helping me with pain and inflammation. My shoulders which get a lot of tension because I have had so many neck surgeries and that where I hold my stress usually. So, this pen really helps me with my stress as well. After taking a couple of puffs of the Critical Cure it practically calms down RIGHT away when I take this pen. Which I love, I rather take this than prescription pills like Xanax. It also helps with my depression which I didn’t know it would do. Having both Anxiety and Depression is a crazy battle. As people with both, I really recommend it from my stand point. The taste of it is sweet, to me it tastes like an orangey peel plus earthy. It really reminds me as I think about it, Christmas Time. Like a Christmas Tree with orangey or fruity taste and smell. I am glad I found this one Critical Cure because the last cartridge didn’t help me as much as this one. The price is well worth it because it works way better, and it is going to last a lot longer due to the fact is more milligrams than the other. So thank you Midwest Compassion Center on your recommendation and helping me find something that helps me so well.

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