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Chi Dawg Kief Coin Strain Review

Product Description


THC: 0.74% | THCA: 47.1% | CBD: 0.31% | CBDA: 0%

Lineage: Chiesel x Stardawg

Flavors: TBA

Prospective Properties: TBA

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Chi Dawg Kief Coin Review MCC

With this chi dawg kief coin that you guys thankfully special ordered for me is awesome it’s a great topper to add on top of a nice bowl or whatever it just adds that perfect little kick we need it definitely has a strong floral skunky smell to it when you add this on top of an indica it helps assist even more with relaxation so the chi dawg being a mix of kief like it said it’s more on the indica side which was perfect for what I like I was expecting it to be a little more powerful with the numbers it said but it stills adds a nice punch to it and helps with relaxation as well with isnomia and will help give you an appetite im not sure if this will end up on the menu everyday but truly at 25 dollars for how big this kief coin broke down I’m pretty sure many patients would love to get this for the price and how much if turns out to be I know I got 3 more left at the store which I’m just waiting till my next check to get the money to pick up but will gladly pick them up and enjoy thanks for getting the special order I loved it and think it wouldn’t be to bad for the menu with how it was overall

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