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Cherry Hashplant Flower Strain Review


Product Description

30% Sativa | 70% Indica

THC: 1.11% | THCA: 23.17% | CBD: .15% | CBDA: 0%

Lineage: Afghani x ’88 G13 Hash Plant

Cherry Hashplant is a great choice if you suffer from pain, depression or just have a lot of stress you are currently dealing with. With a multitude of trichomes, this flower strain will work quickly to provide you with deep relaxation and make your worries go away.

Flavors: Earthy – Spicy – Fruity

Prospective Properties: Sedation – Stress Relief – Nausea Relief – Pain Relief

Patient Reviews and Photos:

Cherry Hashplant Strain Review MCC Cherry hashplant 1g I got this in the 3 gram smokers bundle but I only have a picture of this one so you can definitely tell this was a wonderful flower it looks amazing smelt very fresh with a hint of citrus the flower was a little bit harsh to smoke compared to other flowers I’ve had recently I thought it should be called cherry harshplant lol but this was actually a very great flower it helped my whole body relax after a long day it helped me feel tired enough to fall asleep a little easier this was a great flower by revolution I will probably end up buying this flower again because it actually helped very much with stress pain sleep and relaxation I’d recommend this to anyone just needing to unwind after a long day and needs to just relax and feel better because this one can definitely do that with the smokers bundle it also came with 24k gold which is a amazing flower because you can definitely taste and see the tangie in it which smells like a strong citrus gas and has the same taste to go with it and has wonderful relaxation and euphoric feeling that is just a great flower to smoke anytime of day the last flower was alien huckleberry wasn’t the best in the bunch it was just any typical flower nothing to great it smelt like every revolution flower just a pollen fresh flower smell which is still pretty good but I didn’t notice much pain relief or anything from this it was just a hazy high nothing to much at all.

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