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How to Register for an Illinois Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Cannabis Card

Eligibility for Marijuana Card in Illinois

In order to access an Illinois medical marijuana card and qualify as a patient to legally use medical marijuana in Illinois you must be an Illinois resident over the age of 18 and must suffer from one of the 39 currently approved Illinois medical marijuana qualifying conditions. The list of currently approved Illinois medical marijuana conditions are listed here on this webpage.

Medical Marijuana Card

Illinois Medical Marijuana Forms and Paperwork

Patient Application Instructions
Patient Application
Physician Form
Caregiver Application
Minor Reviewing Physican Form
Terminal Illness Application Instructions
Terminal Illness Application
Waiver for Increase in Allowance

For those patients who do not suffer from one of the currently approved Illinois medical marijuana qualifying conditions yet feel that their current condition is effectively treated by medical marijuana, there is a petitioning process whereby patients can request that their condition be added to the list of Illinois medical marijuana qualifying conditions.

These petitions are considered two times per year and must pass the approval of the Illinois medical cannabis advisory board as well as the Governor of Illinois. If you are a patient that would like to petition to have your condition added for medical marijuana in Illinois contact Midwest Compassion Center and we will guide you through the process.

If you do suffer from one of the Illinois medical marijuana approved conditions and are over the age of 18 you can apply to become an Illinois medical marijuana cardholder. The application process consists of :




Passport photo or similar


Any two of the following (Pay stub, voter registration, IL driver’s license, bank statement, deed/title, property lease, utility bill)


1 year – $100 // 2 years – $200 // 3 years – $250 // The fees are cut in half for SSDI, SSI, and veterans.

While it may seem daunting at first to apply for Illinois medical marijuana card as there are numerous steps in the process, Midwest Compassion Center Dispensary is here to assist patients in the Illinois medical marijuana approval process. MCC Dispensary staff is always available to help patients and answer any questions that arise while completing the Illinois medical marijuana application.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has put together an infographic with the top 10 tips for applying for an Illinois medical marijuana card. To view this Illinois medical marijuana application infographic click here.

Once you have applied and been approved for Illinois medical marijuana you will receive an Illinois medical cannabis patient identification card. After receiving the card you will have the opportunity to choose a dedicated Illinois medical marijuana dispensary (form located here) which you will purchase Illinois medical marijuana at on a regular basis. Midwest Compassion Center invites approved patients to visit our medical marijuana dispensary to witness the experience we provide firsthand so you can choose Midwest Compassion Center as your dedicated Illinois medical marijuana dispensary.

For more information or help with your Illinois medical marijuana patient application do not hesitate to contact us via phone (630-359-3213) or email.


Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program

Illinois Department of Health


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