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CannaPoints Loyalty Reward Program at MCC

MCC Patients can now earn CannaPoints for every dollar spent at our dispensary.  For every dollar you spend at MCC Dispensary you will earn 10 reward points.

In addition to saving as you spend, patients can also earn additional points by submitting product reviews, product photos, referring friends, and many other actions.  We want to give our patients the opportunity to provide product feedback and recommend MCC to other patients.

CannaPoints can be redeemed for dollar discounts based on the amount you’ve saved.  As the unused balance increases, patients can unlock new discount levels.  Reward points are reconciled every Monday and can be used once applied to your account.

CannaPoints Redemption Values
2,500 pts – $7 off
5,000 pts – $15 off
10,000 pts – $35 off
20,000 pts – $75 off
50,000 pts – $200 off
100,000 pts – $450 off

Ask one of our agents for more details.

Product Photos – 500 CannaPoints!

Love taking photos of our products? Send us your best shots every week and receive 500 CannaPoints. MCC will be sharing approved photos throughout social media and other channels. Send us your Photo at [email protected] and if you want us to tag you, send us your Social handle. (Max of 2 per week will be accredited)

CannaPoints Photo Example

In-Depth Product Review – 1000 CannaPoints!

Do you enjoy reviewing products? Well now get rewarded for sending us a review describing your experience and receive 1000 Cannapoints for them. Reviews detailing product description, appearance, your method of administration, effects experienced, and level of relief. Reviews should be around 250 words and will be used on the MCC site to help other patients decide what might work for them. Send in reviews to [email protected] (Max of 2 per week will be accredited)

This sour joker eighth is something different from what I’ve normally been using for my medicine i normally stick to indicas but wanted to switch it up and with the buy 3 get 1 free deal I thought why not and I sure as hell was not let down this is a very very very strong head high that lights you up instantly relieving any stress depression headaches and minor aches around your body this got me up and ready for anything in the day switching it up with this sativa was a great choice because it not only made me feel wonderful but also still helped with certain issues I have so it is overall a great medicine it’s a strong citrus smell with a nice smooth thick smoke after just one pack in the bong it did wonders I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to help with minor anxiety deep depression minor aches and pains and also for someone looking for a strong head high that won’t leave you in the couch all day it did give me real bad cotton mouth but nothing a little water can’t fix this was great for work because as soon as I got to work I was already up and ready to get my day started it lasts a fair amount of time too before needing to medicate again so it is well worth it and revolution did an amazing job with this batch

Refer a Friend to MCC – 15000 CannaPoints!

Got a friend wanting to get their medical marijuana card? or looking to change dispensaries? Get free CannaPoints when you help a fellow patient register with us, and join the MCC family. Have the patient you have referred say your name when they come in and remember to send us the name of the patient you have referred at [email protected]

There are more ways to win Cannapoints, just ask an agent or email us your questions at [email protected]

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