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A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Let me tell you about the olden days of cannabis usage. I am talking the 1970s…it was all joints, water pipes and bongs. The choices were either flower or Alice B. Toklas pot brownies. If you aren’t familiar with Alice, here you go! The first cannabis I ever bought was a nickel bag, slang for $5 an ounce, of Arkansas Red. Who even knew that they grew cannabis in Arkansas? For those of you who are annoyed when you find even one seed in your flower, that nickel bag contained sticks, stems and several seeds! We’ve come a long way, baby! But enough about nostalgia.

Today I am writing about one of the newer delivery methods; dabbing. Since dabbing has only been around for about an decade, it is new to me, too!

Dabs are a concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting the trichomes of cannabinoids, using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. The result is a very sticky oil which is heated on a nail and inhaled via a dab rig. The cheapest and simplest method is a nail attachment and a handheld blow torch. Luckily for those of us who are dabbing today, there are much safer dabbing products such as enails which use electricity. This eliminates the use of a blow torch and has a temperature control. Here is a link to some of the best rigs.

While it is possible to extract non-psychotropic cannabinoids like CBD and terpenes, concentrated THC is what ends up in your dabs. If you do not enjoy intense psychotropic effects, you should dab cautiously…at least at the beginning. Cannabis extracts test between 60-90% THC.

In addition, the process of dabbing can be dangerous. It is actually in the extraction process where the danger lies. Even if your home extraction process goes well, you may end up with an impure product full of residual solvents. So, you might want to leave it up to the professionals and buy dabs.

What are the benefits of dabbing? If you are a chronic pain sufferer or are dealing with nausea, dabbing can be one of the most effective methods of bringing immediate relief. If you do not want to smoke or even vape cannabis, dabbing is one of the purest delivery methods. It provides the user with a higher concentration of cannabinoids without any resin or hot smoke.

Dabbing has spurred innovation in the cannabis world in opening up many possibilities in extraction and consumption technologies. These include cannabis distillates, terpenes infusion, full-spectrum extracts and a wide range of dabbing tools. There are many other concentrate options available. As with all cannabis strains and delivery methods, trial and error is necessary to discover what works for you and your body.

Most patient care specialists would advise against starting out with dabbing for newbies. Once you are comfortable with using cannabis products, you can work your way up to dabbing.

Source:, Part 1: What is Dabbing and How Does It Work?

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