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Cannabis and Chemotherapy

Studies Suggest that Cannabis Enhances the Effects of Chemotherapy

One of my goals in writing these articles is to address questions that I see repeatedly asked by patients. One of those is whether or not medical cannabis can cure cancer. Most people can accept the fact that medical cannabis can alleviate the adverse symptoms that accompany chemotherapy. These include anorexia, nausea and vomiting, bone pain, insomnia and depression, and peripheral neuropathy. Cannabis also stimulates the appetite which is often suppressed during cancer treatments. Hours spent sitting in a chair, receiving chemotherapy, can cause muscle aches. Medical cannabis has been proven, time and time again, to be a powerful pain reliever.

However, there are a lot of skeptics who cannot believe that medical cannabis can actually cure cancer. Those that embark on a medical cannabis cancer regime use large doses of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) several times a day, for several days in a row. Please be aware that smoking a joint will definitely not kill cancer cells. There is still so much misinformation about medical cannabis. I encounter, with regularity, those who think that smoking a joint is the only way to use medical cannabis. They are completely unaware that there are many different delivery methods to ingest medical cannabis.

Cannabis research now indicates that cannabis slows down or even blocks cancer growth. Researchers are observing that cannabinoids decrease the growth of cancerous tumors. But even more surprising is the new information coming to light about the relationship between cannabinoids and chemotherapy. Together they increase the tumor-killing effects of both. Studies show that chemotherapy followed by medical cannabis…and the order is crucial….work together to enhance the benefits of chemotherapy. Some patients may be able to reduce their number of chemotherapy sessions by combining it with medical cannabis usage. Since chemotherapy has a cumulative effect on ravaging healthy cells, fewer chemotherapy sessions translates into a much less invasive and traumatic treatment for cancer sufferers.

Researchers at the University of London studied different combinations of chemotherapy drugs and cannabinoids, administering them in different sequences. They tested THC and CBD separately. Each one proved to be effective on its own, combined with chemotherapy. However, when they combined the 2 cannabinoids with chemotherapy, the increase in benefits was dramatic. The “Entourage Effect” was yet again proven. Isolating individual cannabinoids is much less effective than combining them. Using the entire plant yields the best results. When subjects used medical cannabis before chemotherapy, the cannabinoids were much less effective in killing the cancer cells. Researchers are yet unclear as to why that is the case.

Please note that these studies were done in vitro and with leukemia cells. Animal studies are to come. These findings appeared in the International Journal of Oncology. More studies are underway. This is exciting news for cancer sufferers and may change the way doctors treat cancer in this country.

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