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Cannabis inside of a prescription bottle

Medical Cannabis: Why Physician Support Hasn’t Kept Pace With Public Approval

In a recent article written by Nicole van Rensburg, partner and co-founder of Midwest Compassion Center, van Rensburg discusses why a majority of physicians deny patients their right to receive medical marijuana. In van Rensburg’s article, “Medical Cannabis: Why Physician Support Hasn’t Kept Pace with Public Approval,” van Rensburg illustrates three issues that may motivate physicians not to offer their patients medical marijuana.

The article touches on a truly controversial current event. As of now, 28 states have already legalized medical marijuana for qualifying candidates, and the nation has accepted medical cannabis a viable treatment for qualifying conditions. So, one begs the question: why would a physician–whose first oath is to do no harm, and is responsible for treating the ill to the best of his/her ability–deny his/her patient an ethical form of treatment?

Nicole van Rensberg answers this complicated question with three primary responses. You can read her full article on Small Biz Trends.






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