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Dispensary Owners’ Challenge: Quality vs Quantity

One of the many challenges of running a successful medical cannabis dispensary is walking that fine line between offering enough variety and choice of products without sacrificing quality. Quality vs Quantity. How much is too much? Do we carry enough products to meet the needs of every single patient who walks in the door? Are we maintaining the highest quality products that are both safe and effective? I know that I get overwhelmed when presented with too many choices of any type of product. Think the breakfast cereal aisle in your local supermarket. My eyes gloss over which makes it very difficult to make decisions.

Some dispensaries carry over 200 products. While this may seem like it gives patients many, many choices, is that always a good thing? What is the likelihood that every single product is of the highest quality? Is it necessary to carry 30 sativas when 10-15 would adequately satisfy the needs of the majority of patients? Even more importantly, it is most likely the case that several of those sativas are not of top quality. Carrying sub-par products just to fill the shelves will only tarnish a dispensary’s reputation. There is no need to stock multiple offerings that have the same strain profile and similar lab results.

We, at Midwest Compassion Center, subscribe to quality over quantity. We know our patients’ needs well enough to stock products that offer the best results for each qualifying condition.

That means the best symptom and pain relief at the best price. We carefully examine every single potential product including its lab results before we even consider carrying it on a regular basis. In fact, we often get a small quantity of a product and let our patients be the testers. A product gets added to our menu only when we receive positive feedback and the product meets quality standards set by our staff. We know we are getting it right when we see the same happy patients returning week after week.

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