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Medical Cannabis Containers

What do I do with my empty cannabis containers?

I recently saw a thread posted on the IMCC (Illinois Medical Cannabis Community) Facebook thread asking patients what they do with all their empty cannabis containers. BTW, the IMCC is a fantastic resource for all sorts of information about the Illinois MCPP.

Here are two things that I learned:

Illinois dispensaries cannot take back empty containers

Empty containers are considered “Biohazardous Waste” because medical cannabis is still a Schedule I drug. Some garbage collectors actually refuse to take them unless they are in a specially marked bag labelled “Biohazard Waste.” I know. How absurd is that?

Here are some of the suggestions on the thread:

  1. The majority of people simply recycle them
  2. Saving them until dispensaries offer a discount
  3. Give them to animal hospitals who use them for meds
  4. Paint them with psychedelic colors and keep assorted objects in them such as beads, nuts, bolts and screws, pins, etc.
  5. Peel off the labels, adhere to a notebook and write down effects.
  6. Turn them into an art sculpture contest to raise awareness about the MCPP and answer any questions about the program
  7. Make a hitter box out of the medium containers and use the bigger containers to carry your chillum and lighter.
  8. First aid kits for a boat or tackle boxes; containers for spices and creamer for camping
  9. Rinse them with vodka or everclear to extract residues from the plastic and then make a weak tincture for tea.
  10. Use them to save garden seeds
  11. Some WholeFoods and other companies will take them
  12. Use at the bottom of plant pots to make them lighter and easier to move around while saving soil.
  13. Lucky 13! One of the cultivators says that they are currently working on a biodegradable hemp container. Would you pay more for a hemp container over a plastic one?

FYI, for those who have friends or family in Colorado: Some cannabis dispensaries and retail shops will give you 10% off your purchases for bringing back empty containers. Others, who recycle the containers, give free pre-rolled joints in exchange for them. So, grab a bunch of containers if you are heading out to Colorado!

If you’ve dreamed up a great way to reuse your containers, please leave a comment below!

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