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Medical Marijuana Slang Terms including Spanish, Dutch, and English

For the past 5,000 years, the plant that was the foundation of many medicines in this country was referred to as “cannabis.” It all changed in 1937, when Harry J. Anslinger became the first director of the Bureau of Narcotics. A racist who hated Mexicans, Anslinger demonized it by referring to it as “marijuana.” That moniker has pretty much stuck in the minds of those Americans who bought into the “Reefer Madness” fiasco of 1930s America. The subsequent “War on Drugs” which started with Richard Nixon in the 1960s and is still going, further vilified the plant. Now deemed a complete failure, at a cost of $1 Trillion, it looks like the “War on Drugs” is just about over.

Only now that cannabis/marijuana is being taken seriously again as a plant with incredible healing benefits, are people returning to reclaim its rightful name of “cannabis.” I thought it would be interesting and fun to ask people to tell me their favorite slang terms for cannabis. Not only did I get many in English, I also got some in Spanish and Dutch and even one in Hawaiian:

Medical Cannabis Slang TermsSpanish names include:

  • Porro, Peta, Churro = Joint
  • Hachis = Hashish
  • Mota, Hierba, La Verde, Don Juan or Dona Juana, El Gallo (Rooster) =   Marijuana/Cannabis

Dutch names have a long list:

  • Hemp = Hennep
  • Roach = Stickie
  • Weed = Wiet
  • Fun Stick = Pretstok
  • Doobie = Pretsigaret
  • Blastoff = Jonko
  • Spliff, Reefer, Blunt, Dope and Blow

It’s known as Pacalolo in Hawaiian

In English, I learned a few new ones with the most interesting being  Muggle which Satchmo used as a title for a song. Of course, JK Rowling used Muggle to describe non-magicals in the Harry Potter Books.

Loud is a way to describe potent or smelly weed, referring more to the odor as in “Man, that stuff is so loud!”

Then there is Cheeba, Sticky Icky, Skunk, Bammer, Bud, Hootch, Gong, Coffee, Breakfast, News, Technology, Party Favors, Peaceful Herb and Goblet of Jam. The more traditional terms still include Weed, Pot, Grass, Doobie, Ganja, MaryJane or MJ, and Dope which has been hijacked to mean something completely different!

Here is a link to dozens of names for marijuana/cannabis courtesy of the Weed Blog. I would love to hear your favorites!

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