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Safe Cannabis Storage

Safety precautions for medical cannabis patients

You are a medical cannabis patient and you have children. We all know that it is not safe for children to use cannabis unless it has been recommended for them. How do you keep your medical cannabis safe from your children? This is a much easier question when you have very young children. The solutions are pretty simple.

Decide on a place to store your medicine which is completely out of sight and out of reach of your children. A cardboard box on a top shelf of your closet should suffice, unless your child likes to climb on chairs to get to the top shelves. My son was like that when he was very young. If so, find another place which you know to be completely inaccessible to your child; a locked drawer or cabinet.

Never leave your medicine in plain sight in your house and thereby, available to your children. Return it to its storage container immediately after every use.

It starts to get much more complicated when you have older children who may not entirely understand why you use medical cannabis. Chances are they are most certainly familiar with it. Accidental poisonings are a potential problem for inquisitive children. If you think this may be a serious problem, where they may want to experiment with it, then it is time to purchase a locked storage container.

Another reason to purchase a lock box is to protect yourself from theft. If people other than your immediate family members have access to your home such as house cleaners, dog walkers, contractors and handymen, out of town guests and extended family members, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some examples of locked storage containers:

The first category includes a simple lock and key type of container such as Wolffpak Lock Away and LockMed’s Kevlar Lockbag, Sentry Safe Small Privacy Lock Chest and Medicus Health Narcotics Boxes. If you are sure that you can hide the key sufficiently where your children cannot find it, then this is the cheapest type of container.

If you have enterprising teenagers, you may want to go with a safe which is more costly but safer, of course, such as Stack-On Personal Safe with Electronic Hidden Lock and Viking Security Biometric Hidden Lock Wall Safe.

The last category is novelty hidey holes such as Hidden Wall Safe. Here’s the link to all the lock boxes and safes that I mentioned.

I hope these suggestions give you peace of mind as a medical cannabis user.


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