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Talking to your family members about your medical cannabis usage

You just received your medical cannabis card and you feel that you should talk to your family members about your medical cannabis usage. You know they may react with shock at worst and skepticism at best. So, how do you approach the subject, tactfully?

Here’s some tips when talking to adult family members:

1. Pick a good time when there are no crises and everyone is fairly calm…if that is possible. Sit them down and tell them the following:
“There is something I want to tell you because I know you want me to be honest with you.”

2. Let them know that you have done a lot of research about how medical cannabis works. Have information to show them. The following websites will be helpful: and, website of Dr. Dustin Sulak, one of the foremost authorities on medical cannabis.

3. Explain that the prescription medications you were taking had very adverse side effects. However, medical cannabis is even more effective in relieving symptoms and pain without any side effects. Let them know where you purchased it, how often you use it, what delivery method you use. Reassure them that you store it in a safe manner, complying with the laws of your state.

4. Answer any and all of their concerns, especially the potential legal problems with law enforcement if you get stopped, for any reason, while transporting it.

5. Words do matter. Be sure to refer to it as “medicine” “medical cannabis” or “medical marijuana” rather than “pot” or “weed” and reiterate that it is medicine. Your intent is not to get high but to safely treat the symptoms of your condition.

6. Your family loves you and wants the best for your health. Keep that in mind.

When talking to your young children, follow these guidelines:

1. Keep things simple and don’t explain too much
2. Talk about it calmly
3. Ask them if they know anything about it and if they have an opinion about medical cannabis usage. Correct any misconceptions
4. Explain why you use it and reassure them that it does not interfere with the duties and responsibilities of your daily life; either as a parent or at your place of employment
5. Ask them not to discuss it with others
6. Answer all questions
7. If they are still having a problem, use books such as Mommy’s Funny Medicine or It’s Just A Plant as an aid

Let’s hope that when they see how well you are doing using medical cannabis, any misgivings they had about it will be allayed.

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