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The importance of a knowledgeable dispensary staff

Many medical cannabis patients had a history of cannabis use and/or had done research regarding different strains and delivery methods before the medical cannabis program started. However, there are many patients who had absolutely no experience whatsoever with cannabis prior to becoming patients. I know many who were initially apprehensive about using cannabis. That’s why a knowledgeable dispensary staff is so very important for beginning users. It is also equally important for those old hands who have never used medical cannabis in Illinois.

Beginning users must rely on the dispensary staff very heavily at the start of their cannabis journey to guide them through the process of finding the best medicine/delivery methods to successfully treat their condition. There is a lot of trial and error, but that process can be minimized by working with those with cannabis expertise.

With the high cost of cannabis, and the expectation is that the prices will come down as the program gains many more patients, it is crucial for many patients to get the “best bang for their buck.” Many patients are incapacitated, disabled and unable to work as a result of their conditions. Since insurance does not cover medical cannabis, patients are forced to pay out of pocket. Sadly, there are patients who find that cannabis helps relieve their pain and suffering only to be unable to afford their medicine over time.

That’s where Midwest Compassion Center excels as one of the leading dispensaries in Illinois. As you enter the lobby, you experience a welcoming, relaxed environment with comfortable chairs which leads into the product room. There is a glass case of paraphernalia underneath the counter…sort of like a deli…with the current names of strains on a blackboard listed on the far wall. There are several staff members available to serve patients at any given time. Not all dispensaries are so well staffed. They have one of the largest selections of products available and offer a daily special.

Andrew and Danny are not only well-versed and experienced, but they are passionate about helping patients. Fred is the go to guy when it comes to finding the newest products on the market. Educating patients about the benefits of cannabis is the mission of every employee of Midwest Compassion Center. They hold regular, free educational seminars and partner with organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation and the Hines VA Hospital. They recognize that affording medicine is a hardship for many patients and offer discount programs to veterans, the disabled and those who are low-income or on a fixed income.

All Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries are not equal; Midwest Compassion Center goes above and beyond for every single patient who walks through their door. Just read their testimonials!

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