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Medical Cannabis Use Log

Patient Medication Log helps cannabis users identify the best strain and method

Download a PDF of our Medical Cannabis Use Log

Finding the best strain of medical cannabis along with the best delivery method is the key to getting the most relief from your medicine. With the current high prices in Illinois, getting “the biggest bang for your buck” is also very important for many people; you don’t want to waste money on a product that doesn’t work for you.

For the new cannabis user, initially, there is a lot of trial and error required to finding the ideal strain/delivery method. This may hold true, as well, for the seasoned user with all the newly developed strains and choices of delivery now available.

A cannabis patient medication log is a great tool that allows you to keep track of your cannabis usage and will ultimately lead you to your goal of best strain/method.

If you are not fond of keeping records, you can go with the very simple system which includes the following:


Strain Name    %THC/CBD  

Method of Administration

Amount Administered

Effects   Rating Scale/Physical reaction

Methods of administration include the following: smoking/vaporizing dried flower bud, concentrate, extract, tincture, edible/drink, topical and transdermal patch. Something for everyone!

If you like to keep more detailed records of your experience, you can add some of the following information:

FYI: Each medical cannabis product contains a sticker showing the percentages of the main cannabinoids.

  1. Time of day of each entry
  2. % CBN
  3. Response time; how quickly did you experience relief, for how long, when did it start to fade? Your mood and feelings before and after medicating
  4. What symptoms were you experiencing when you decided it was time to medicate?
  5. Were there any negative side effects?
  6. Your location; home, office, elsewhere
  7. Alone, with a spouse, with friends, with other medical cannabis consumers

Keep the log for a minimum of 7 days and of course, for longer, if you haven’t achieved your desired effect. The amount of time and effort you put into monitoring your cannabis usage at the beginning of your journey will be rewarded by improving the quality of your life…and your wallet!

Download a PDF of our Medical Cannabis Use Log

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