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Illinois CBD Marijuana

Illinois CBD Strain Information

Below is CBD information from a seasoned medical cannabis patient who has also worked in numerous dispensaries in Colorado.  There are many great points in this content as to why High CBD strains can be very effective.  It seems that most patients are concerned with High THC, but there is much more to CBD than most know.

Reasons Why Patients Who Want High THC Should Get a CBD Strain, Too.

  1. For when they get too high. Illinois patients are trying concentrates for the first time. They’re overdoing the edibles and smoking very potent THC strains. They’re going to get too high. And they’re going to do it more than once. When it happens Dance World or Hurkle CBD strains will help take the edge off.
  2. Anxiety and depression are not on the list of conditions, but cancer patients can suffer from depression due to pain and suffering. People with chronic, debilitating conditions struggle with anxiety and depression, and a CBD strain can help lift their mood and outlook on life.
  3. Pain. I used to make tinctures, Happy was the high THC, and Healthy was the high CBD. Happy didn’t help menstrual cramps or sore muscles, but Healthy knocked them out fast. Last fall I fractured my spine and it was the CBD strains that helped me sleep, not the THC strains.
  4. Baby Boomers. For patients that haven’t smoked pot since the 60’s, the potency of today’s THC strains is going to knock them over. 10-15% potency is more than enough for a psychoactive high.
  5. Patients who only want high THC strains still have to go to work, watch their kids, and not look high in front of their mom. For those times when mental clarity is as important as pain relief, a high CBD strain can work wonders.
  6. Sleep. Glorious, restful, restorative sleep. After a full day of high THC, patients may find that a high CBD strain is the thing that sends them off to bed. CBD calms the brain, settling seizures and tremors, and allows the patient a chance to rest and recover.
  7. The CBD High. There is no better high than when the pain goes away. You can literally feel the depression lift after an inhale or two. Now, CBD strains aren’t one hit wonders – patients will need to smoke another hit or two for a full psychoactive high, but they will get there.
  8. Terpenes. CBD strains tend to have different terpene profiles from THC strains. For patients looking for the widest range of medicinal benefits, adding CBD strains to their routine will boost their intake of lesser known terpenes.

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