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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Legal Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Upon speaking with numerous patients, caregivers, physicians, and perspective patients in Illinois regarding medical marijuana it is clear that most are not well informed on the benefits of purchasing legal cannabis. Prior to receiving a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician and applying for a medical marijuana card in Illinois, most patients who treat with cannabis are obtaining medical marijuana on the black market or growing medical cannabis themselves. While this current method of obtaining and consuming medical marijuana in Illinois may be effective, medical marijuana patients who purchase from black market are not reaping the benefits of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.


Safe Access: Patients and caregivers are provided safe access to medical marijuana in Illinois. Medical cannabis is sold in a state licensed dispensary which provides a safe and comforting environment for patients and caregivers. This is important as those suffering from any of the medical cannabis qualifying conditions should be able to safely brose and discuss treatment options with professional individuals. In contrast, those patients who are obtaining medical cannabis in a black market or on the “street” can be putting themselves in harm’s way and risking their safety.

Secure Facility: Along the lines of safe access, medical cannabis dispensaries like Midwest Compassion Center are maximum secured facilities that provide numerous safeguards to protect patients, caregivers, staff, and the general public. These safeguards include security alarms, video surveillance, access controls, bulletproof materials, security personnel, panic alarms, and other technologies.

Seed to Sale Tracking: All legal medical cannabis in Illinois is grown at state licensed cultivation centers. These licensed cultivation centers track all medical cannabis from inception or seed phase. During the growing process, cultivators are required to track all plants and report any loss, destruction, or deficiencies. Upon transferring medical cannabis to state licensed dispensaries, tracking is updated showing transfer of product and batch information. Once a state license medical cannabis dispensary has received medical cannabis from a licensed cultivator they are required to track the product all the way through the sale to patients or caregivers. This level of accountability ensures that all medical cannabis sold in Illinois dispensaries like Midwest Compassion Center has been grown in Illinois and meets all state requirements. In the event a specific batch of medical cannabis is found to be contaminated or insufficient, dispensaries and cultivators can recall the product by batch number to ensure patients do not receive an inferior product. It is very important to know the source of all medical cannabis to guarantee quality and consistency. In contrast, medical cannabis derived in a black market or on the “street” has no known source and could potentially be coming from international markets or those with no compliance or quality controls.

Large Selection of Treatment Options: Illinois licensed medical cannabis dispensaries such as Midwest Compassion Center offer a wide selection of medical cannabis products. This includes a variety of strains, cannabinoid profiles, and product types. When treating with medical cannabis it is important to have access to varying strains and cannabinoid profiles. Patients and their conditions react differently to cannabinoids and it may take some trial and error to determine which strain is most effective. It is also important to have access to different methods of administration as inhaling medical cannabis will provide different results than ingesting medical cannabis and sometimes patients use both methods to treat. Midwest Compassion Center dispensary offers dried flowers, concentrates, tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles, and capsules to provide a wide variety of relief. In stark contrast, those who obtain medical cannabis illegally on the black market typically only have access to one type of dried flowers or one type of edible. This lack of selection limits the ability to effectively treat a condition with medical cannabis.

Laboratory Tested Medicine: All legal medical cannabis grown and distributed in Illinois must pass a strict testing certification by a third party independent laboratory. Required testing includes chemical residue, microbiological, mycotoxin (fungus), and solvent residue. These tests ensure that the medical cannabis is safe for human consumption. Additionally all Illinois medical cannabis must be tested for levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that may be present in the medical cannabis. Some Illinois cultivators are adhering to the required testing and others are testing for additional information to provide patients with even more data of what is in their medical cannabis. Third party laboratory testing is extremely important for medical cannabis to ensure the safety and consistency of the product. In the event a patient finds a product that is very effective in treating their condition, it is important to document the cannabinoid profile so that the results can be repeated when purchasing the product again. While all legal medical cannabis in Illinois is required to be laboratory tested, any marijuana sold on the street in a black market is not tested and may contain harmful chemicals including pesticides and mold. The advantage of having your medical cannabis laboratory tested ensures the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis.

Knowledgeable Dispensary Staff: Midwest Compassion Center, a state licensed Illinois medical cannabis dispensary prides itself on having the most knowledgeable staff you will find. Our dispensary agents are extremely passionate about helping patients and providing relief with medical cannabis. Our agents have undergone extensive training to ensure that they assist patients with product selection to find the best products at the most affordable prices. Midwest Compassion Center knows that our patients have the option to purchase medical cannabis at any of the state licensed dispensaries, but there is a reason our patients continue to visit us time and time again. This knowledge allows Midwest Compassion Center to provide an unmatched experience for our medical cannabis patients and caregivers.   Obviously these qualities can not be found with your neighborhood cannabis dealer. While he or she may be nice to all of their customers, the experience will pale in comparison to what Midwest Compassion Center provides.

Child Safe Packaging: It is important for all medical cannabis users to be responsible in administering and storing medical cannabis. A common threat on both the legal and illegal side is that medical cannabis falls into the wrong hands. All legal state licensed facilities are required to use child proof safe packaging thereby eliminating the threat of children accessing medical cannabis. Midwest Compassion Center uses only state approved child proof packaging to store and dispense our medical cannabis. If there is ever a package that has been damaged or unsealed, Midwest Compassion Center will not distribute the product and will return it to the cultivation center who manufactured the product.

Legal medical cannabis in Illinois has numerous advantages for those patients seeking relief. If you are a patient, caregiver, potential patient, or physician and would like to speak with us or seek more information please do not hesitate to contact Midwest Compassion Center Dispensary today. We take great pride in the products and services that we offer and it shows throughout the experience we give our patients.

For a graphic representation of the information above click this link for an infographic on the benefits of legal medical cannabis in Illinois.

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