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Medical Marijuana Pipes

Medical Marijuana Glass Accessories Guide

Using glass marijuana accessories is probably the most popular way to administer medical marijuana. Glassware includes a wide variety of medical marijuana accessories including one hitters, handpipes, bubblers, water pipes, bongs, and dab or concentrate rigs. Glass is considered the cleanest material to smoke medical marijuana from as there are no added chemicals or carcinogens that are present due to the glass material. Glass can also withstand high heat temperatures which make it a good material for dab and concentrate rigs. Glass marijuana accessories can also be cleaned time and time again to ensure there is no mold or mildew growth. The downside to glass is that is fragile and can be broken due to impact from collision or dropping.

Different types of medical marijuana glassware accessories

Illinois Marijuana One HitterOne Hitter: A finger sized piece of glass or “bat” that allows patient to load medical marijuana in on end and place lips on the other end to inhale medical marijuana smoke. Convenient due to its size and allows for a full draw of marijuana smoke. Some may say it can be harsh due to the proximity of burnt marijuana to one’s mouth. Midwest Compassion Center stocks numerous different one hitter devices for our patients to use with their high quality medical cannabis.

Illinois Marijuana PipeHandpipes: Handpipes range in size but typically run from 3” to 6” and feature a bowl and an carb intake. Handpipes function similar to tobacco pipes whereby patients can fill the bowl with medical cannabis and use a lighter or match to light the cannabis and draw from the mouthpiece. Handpipes offer a convenient way to administer medical cannabis although there is no filtration and small pipes can produce a harsher draw compared to water filtrated devices. Medical marijuana handpipes are typically made of glass or stainless steel. Midwest Compassion Center dispensary stocks a large selection of medical cannabis handpipes.

Illinois Marijuana BubblerBubbler: Marijuana Bubblers or water pipes use water to cool and filter the smoke created when medical marijuana is burned. This creates a smoother draw of medical cannabis and allows for larger intake amounts. Medical marijuana bubblers are convenient for their size but they do not allow for portability due to the fact they use water. Midwest Compassion Center has many different medical marijuana bubblers in stock to purchase today.

Illinois Marijuana BongBongs or Water Pipes: Medical marijuana bongs are typically used to provide a much larger draw than compared to a handpipe or bubbler. This large draw induces a more intense effect from medical marijuana and first time patients should use caution if administering medical cannabis with a bong. Bongs use water to filtrate the smoke from the medical cannabis which provides a smooth hit or intake of medical marijuana. Bongs can be found in all shapes and sizes and some may include additional filtration chambers or ice chambers to cool the smoke from medical cannabis.

Illinois Marijuana ConcentratesDab Rigs: Medical marijuana dab rigs are typically made of glass and are designed like a miniature bong. Dab rigs utilize a “nail” in the bowl of the rig whereby concentrates are heated. Dab rigs function differently than bongs as medical marijuana is not packed into the bowl. Instead a torch is used to heat the metal “nail” and once the nail reaches optimal temperature a small piece of concentrate is placed in contact with the nail by using a dabber. This dabber is necessary as the nail is piping hot and the only way to heat the medical marijuana concentrates is to use the dabber as one must avoid direct contact with the dab nail. Dab rigs deliver a powerful effect as high strength concentrates are used. First time patients and those who are new to medical cannabis must be careful when using concentrates and dab rigs.

Midwest Compassion Center medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois stocks a large selection of medical cannabis and medical marijuana accessories and glassware. We are located between Dupage and Will County in the Village of Romeoville in Illinois. For more information contact us today and we look forward to assisting medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Illinois.

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