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Illinois Cannabis Vaporizer

Everything You Need to Know About Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become more popular as an alternative to smoking Medical marijuana.  Vaporizers use heat to essentially cook medical marijuana at a temperature which is lower than what is required for burning medical marijuana. The temperature of vaporization is around 392 Degrees Fahrenheit. In this process the active ingredients in medical marijuana are converted to vapor. Because the cannabis is heated and not burned the harmful chemicals typically found in smoke are not present. This creates a clean and accurate delivery method that is growing in popularity.

Vaporizers can be found in both desktop and portable models. Quality desktop models typically range from $200 to $400. Some brand names include Arizer, Volcano, and Silver Surfer. Desktop marijuana vaporizers offer steady power and consistent results.

Portable medical cannabis vaporizers offer all the benefits of desktop vaporizers in a compact and convenient size. Portable vaporizers use a battery to power the heating element. Most can fit in a pocket or purse for relief on the go.   A quality portable vaporizer will typically cost between $100 to $300. Some common brand names are Pax and Magic Flight.

In addition to reusable portable vaporizers, Midwest Compassion Center will also offer disposable vaporizers filled with cannabis oil. These vaporizers will use a prefilled cartridge that can be discarded once all cannabis oil has been used up. Patients can then purchase refill cartridges for convenient on the go relief.

Using a Vaporizer with medical marijuana flowers

Once you’ve become familiar with how your vaporizer operates follow these steps:

  1. Break up, grind, or cut medical cannabis flowers into pieces around the size of a rice grain
  2. Loosely pack these pieces of medical cannabis into the reservoir, chamber, cartridge or bowl of your vaporizer, it’s important to not load cannabis to tightly into reservoir which prevents airflow
  3. Let vaporizer heat to optimal temperature
  4. Once temperature is reached slowly draw from mouthpiece of vaporizer
  5. Inhale vapor in the same manner as you would when smoking
  6. Exhale vapor

You should be able to see a light cloud of vapor which will get thicker as the cannabis continues to heat up. Typically after 6-10 draws your cannabis will be fully vaporized and may begin to have more of a smoke taste which indicates you have extracted most all of the vapor out of the cannabis.

When your cannabis is fully vaporized you can either discard the cannabis or use the vaporized cannabis to infused foods while cooking to extract any remaining active ingredients. There are numerous resources online that discuss uses for vaporized cannabis.

It is very important to start low and slow with vaporizing as the onset time can be greater than smoking cannabis. Before you refill your vaporizer and administer more cannabis make sure you have allowed ample onset time to let medical cannabis to take effect.

With these proper steps you will be vaporizing medical cannabis most effectively for relief.  Visit MCC Dispensary today to learn more about vaporizing medical cannabis in Illinois.

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