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Talking to Your Physician About Cannabis

Speaking with your physician about medical cannabis

Midwest Compassion Center has spoken with many patients in Illinois regarding medical cannabis and a common hurdle patients face is the accessibility to a physician willing to consider medical cannabis as a treatment option.   Our staff is always available to assist patients in their conversations with their current physicians or provide educational materials.

Below are some resources that medical cannabis patients of Illinois can use when speaking with their physicians.  Some key points to keep in mind are:

  1. Prepare for the conversation by researching and gathering your questions.  Make best use of your appointment and physician’s time.
  2. Be open and honest with your physician.  All conversations are protected under the First Amendment and HIPAA.  If you are currently using medical cannabis to treat your condition and experience positive effects it’s important to convey this to your physician.
  3. Allow your physician to present his or her opinion on medical cannabis.  Do not be discouraged if your physician has a strong personal bias against medical cannabis due to lack of information or education.
  4. If your physician refuses to have a frank discussion about medical cannabis, you have the right as a patient to seek out a second opinion from a physician who willing to be more objective about the value of medical cannabis.

Articles and Resources

Talking to Your Healthcare Provider” – PDF Document created by the Medicinal Cannabis & Chronic Pain Project, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana” – Michigan Medical Marijuana Association website and patient resources

Talking to Your Doctor” – Americans for Safe Access website

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