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Chronic Post Operative Pain and Cannabis

Treating Chronic Post-Operative Pain with Cannabis

Chronic post-operative pain can have a significant effect on quality of life. Chronic pain can increase medical expenses, restrict daily activities, and increase utilization of health care. It is an economic and social burden that afflicts many surgical patients.

What is Chronic Post-Operative Pain?

Chronic post-operative pain is pain that extends beyond expected surgical healing time. Pain is a normal part of the surgery process; when the body is operated on, tissues swell and discomfort is inevitable. When pain persists beyond a reasonable recovery time frame, however, it becomes chronic.

What Are the Causes of Chronic Post-Operative Pain?

People suffer from chronic pain after surgeries for a variety of reasons. Surgery can damage nerves or bodily tissues. It can also lead to inflammation at the site of the surgical procedure. Any of these options can lead to pain that impacts the patient’s day to day life. Complicated procedures, a history of depression, and prior history of chronic pain can also be responsible.

What Are Common Types of Chronic Post-Operative Pain?

There are many varieties of chronic post-operative pain. One of the most common types is post-hernia chronic pain, which is believed to be caused by damaged nerves in the pelvis or abdomen. Phantom limb pain is another variety of chronic post-operative pain; it affects patients who have had a limb amputated. The sensation of phantom pain may be caused by the stimulation of nerve bundles at the amputation site, or the reorganization of the nervous system. Patients who have undergone abdominal surgery might suffer from chronic pelvic nerve pain. This can be caused by stretched pelvic nerves, compressed pelvic nerves, or severed pelvic nerves. Yet another type of chronic pain is post-mastectomy pain. When pain persists after a mastectomy procedure, it might be due to nerve damage, or due to an abnormal growth of nerve tissue.

While these are some of the most common types of chronic post-operative pain, almost any surgical procedure has the potential to leave patients with persistent discomfort.

Treating Chronic Post-Operative Pain with Illinois Cannabis

Treating chronic post-operative pain can be difficult, and sometimes the prescribed treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers isn’t enough. Medical marijuana has been shown to have a significant impact on patients who are suffering from chronic pain.

According to medical studies, medical marijuana can have substantial analgesic effects on patients suffering from pain. It can also enhance the effects of opiate pain medications, which enables patients to take lower dosages of prescription drugs. Illinois marijuana can also relieve some of the symptoms associated with opiod drugs, such as nausea and dizziness.

Medical marijuana can provide substantial relief for patients suffering from chronic post-operative pain. Contact an Illinois dispensary to learn more about the benefits of cannabis.

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