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Hydromyelia and Cannabis

Treating Hydromyelia with Cannabis

Medical Cannabis for Treatment of Hydromyelia

It’s hardly a secret that medical marijuana has been found extremely helpful in treating severe and chronic pain conditions. This is particularly true of those related to spinal conditions like Hydromyelia, where “traditional” medication often has far riskier indications than cannabis.

Hydromyelia is a condition of the spine marked by widening of the central spinal cord canal. In turn, a cavity is created in the spine, wherein spinal fluid builds up causing intense pressure. The results are severe pain in the neck and arms, stiffness, and sensory loss in the upper quadrant of the body.

In some cases, hydromyelia will resolve itself with time. Surgery can also help relieve pain in some cases. However, the surgery comes with a large variety of associated risks and is not guaranteed to relieve pain.

The influx of medical cannabis provides another, far safer option for hydromyelia. Rather than undergo risky, sometimes futile surgery or spend a lifetime on dangerous, addictive pain medications, the cure may be found at an Illinois cannabis dispensary.

Unlike most NSAIDS marijuana has never been shown to be toxic to the liver and other vital organs. Cannabinoids not only relieve pain but also reduce inflammation. These two issues can help sufferers to cope with the pain and stiffness associated with hydromelia while also reducing inflammation.

As a natural muscle relaxant and sleep aid, cannabis treatment may offer sufferers of hydromyelia an opportunity to sleep peacefully for the first time in years.

Although often used with interchangeably with syringomyelia, which also involves the development of cavities in the spinal cord, the two conditions differ. Syringmyelia often develops following a car crash or similar trauma. Hydromyelia is almost exclusively related to birth defects and is typically a problem suffered by children. Though it can lay dormant for several years, it is often a chronic pain issues associated with youth. Clearly this presents a new set of issues when it comes to Illinois cannabis treatment. For younger patients, cannabis oil can be a treatment option more suitable for young sufferers and far safer than the toxic, synthetic pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and treatment options commonly prescribed.

Although legal use of medical marijuana to treat issues of inflammation and spinal injuries, especially in younger people, is still relatively new territory, many studies have shown promising results. Considering the dangerous, toxic, alternatives and the massive risks associated with surgery, including permanent disability and death, it may be time to consider marijuana treatment for this and related conditions.

For more information visit the American Brain Foundation.

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