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Causalgia and Cannabis

Treating Causalgia with Cannabis


Causalgia refers to a systemic disease that is chronic and characterized by intense pain, skin changes, and swelling. Silas Weir Mitchell originally described the condition during the American Civil War, who has also been credited with the intention of the title “causalgia.” The cause of causalgia is not yet known, but it is often believed that injury or surgery could lead to the condition. Nevertheless, anxiety and depression constitute some of the major effects. The ailment leads to some social problems associated with its impact on life limitation. This aspect is often found to cause depression and sometimes suicide.
Due to the severe effects associated with the health condition listed in order title, its treatment often involves treating its signs and symptoms as described herein.
The ailment is characterized by a number of signs and symptoms. One of the common symptoms is spontaneous pain originating from a stimulus that would hardly provoke pain under normal circumstances. The patient would also depict a history of edema that is associated with an abnormal skin blood flow, and abnormal sweating around the painful region. The patient would also exhibit intense sensitivity to touch, vibrations, and water. Other common symptoms include muscle spasms, prevalent sweating, localized swelling, skin coloration, joints tenderness and stiffness, painfully restricted movements, infrequent fainting, and visual problems.
The treatment of causalgia is multi-disciplinary and entails various medications that could sometimes involve physical therapies. The reliance of traditional medications for its treatment is typically unsuccessful. The treatment of the condition listed in order title can be done using cannabis. Medical marijuana is often preferred due to its aspects of being cheaper than most of the pharmaceutical medication and having no serious side effects like it is the case with many pain medications.
Treatment using Illinois marijuana ensures that the patient does not experience side effects like liver damage, stomach bleeding, and kidney damage, which are associated with other pain medications. Another benefit of relying on Illinois cannabis for the treatment of the health condition is that medical marijuana pricing by Illinois dispensary is relatively less as compared to the cost associated with the use of the traditional pain pharmaceuticals. Besides, Illinois cannabis is a natural drug and its effectiveness has been confirmed since 1975. It has been effective in alleviating various severe types of chronic pain without any significant harm to the human body.
Illinois marijuana has been proven effective in the treatment of causalgia and all other related health conditions including the alleviation of psychological problems. The treatment is also effective in dealing with depression and consequently reducing allied suicidal cases and concerns. The treatment is nevertheless effective with a healthy prescription and use of Illinois cannabis. Through healthy uses of Illinois marijuana, emotional and physical stress can also be alleviated. The medication can also help deal with the main causes of the heightened pain, which is part of the condition. Generally, the healthy use of cannabis can assist causalgia patients return to their normal life mainly through social functioning since it can lessen the associated effects.

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