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Osteoarthritis and Cannabis

Treating Osteoarthritis with Cannabis

Cannabis Helps Alleviate Osteoarthritis Pain and Suffering

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a debilitating condition characterized by deteriorated cartilage providing the cushion between the ends of bones and joints. Untreated, OA can become so debilitating, discomfort morphs into extreme pain that can dramatically alter a sufferer’s lifestyle, which is why new treatments are eagerly sought by both the medical community and those diagnosed with OA—particularly by women who are more likely to be diagnosed with OA than men.

Given an aging population and growing obesity statistics, osteoarthritis is expected to continue to present major health challenges into the future, and as the trend continues, the number of “solutions” researchers devise to help those experiencing the pain, stiffness, bone spurs, tenderness, loss of flexibility and other symptoms associated with OA, has grown explosively over time. With each new research finding, the medical community and sufferers enjoy renewed hope.

Current prescriptive recommendations for OA include Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, physical therapy, chronic pain education, braces, cortisone shots, lubricating injections of hyaluronic acid, bone realignment and joint replacement—each accompanied by a unique set of side effects and risks. Not everyone can tolerate each of these treatments. That’s why today’s medical community has begun to embrace alternative, “natural” treatments that stem pain and alleviate symptoms. At the top of this list of alternatives is medical marijuana. More and more health care providers are looking beyond the plant’s former reputation to recommend use, and laws are keeping pace with this environment of progress.

As the national debate over medical marijuana continues, each hard-won court victory obliterates criminal penalties, favoring commercialization. The sale and distribution of varying strains, grades and types of marijuana is moving forward at a stunning pace and the science of medical cannabis delivery systems continues to evolve. Both the National Institute of Health and Arthritis Research U.K. find “strong evidence” that the body’s receptors welcome medicinal properties in cannabis that ameliorate pain associated with OA. As the legal v. medical tug-of-war continues to play itself out, innovative cannabis delivery alternatives are being developed, so no longer must patients be limited to smoking marijuana thanks to creative, new cannabis prescriptives.

But delivering biologic agents to the body comes with its own set of dilemmas, which is why OA sufferers should be cautious about where they obtain cannabis, since strengths, grades and types vary and not every type of Illinois marijuana is guaranteed to relieve osteoarthritis pain. You need assurances.

High standards, strict adherence to preparation of doses and pricing that won’t break a patient’s budget are trademarks of reputable, regulated Illinois dispensaries like the Illinois Compassion Center (MCC). For OA, specific grades of medical cannabis identified by physicians on the front lines of osteoarthritis treatments are sativa-dominant and indica-dominant strains, available through Chicago’s premier Illinois Dispensary, MCC.

As part of the emerging network of cannabis providers, MCC is dedicated to supplying Illinois marijuana to patients being treated for osteoarthritis pain management. From its headquarters in suburban Chicago, MCC dispenses high quality, regulated Illinois cannabis. Laser focused on critical issues like consistent dosing and maximum pain relief, MCC is regulated by the state and committed to quality product through a transparent delivery system that stands as a role model for quality and customer service.

From flowers and concentrates to medibles and topicals, all available forms of marijuana currently on the market and prescribed by physicians are available to OA prescription holders through MCC—your best solution in suburban Chicago for natural osteoarthritis pain relief.

For more information visit the Arthritis Foundation.

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