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RSDS and Cannabis

Treating Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome with Cannabis

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome

What is RSDS?

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or RSDS is also known under the name regional pain syndrome. It is a rare condition that is a disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that causes chronic and very severe pain in the sympathetic system. The sympathetic system of the body is that which regulates the involuntary functions of the body such as:

•Heart beat.
•Blood vessel constriction.
•Increasing blood pressure.

This disorder is said to be caused by any of these functions having an abnormal response in the body. Examples of RSDS usually begin with a burning pain in the legs, arms, shoulders, palm of the hand or fingers. It can also be localized to one knee or hip. Because of its symptoms, RSDS is hard to pinpoint in a diagnosis, and frequently is diagnosed as something else. Skin on the effected part of the body may become swollen and hold water. Areas of the body with this disorder may be very sensitive to extremes in hot and hold, may sweat excessively and may be warm to the touch. It is not know exactly what causes RSDS, but some medical researchers have linked the syndrome to nerves, infection, cardiovascular disease, or radiation therapy. While RSDS is a chronic condition, which means that you do not recover from it, it is not a terminal condition. So people with RSDS need to discover ways to make their life more pain free and improve their quality of life.

Legal Cannabis for RSDS Symptoms

In Illinois cannabis use has been found to ease the pain and burning of RSDS suffers. In fact, medical marijuana is being used legally to treat many different conditions that have chronic pain as a symptom. While marijuana may not totally relieve the excruciating pain associated with RSDS, using it as prescribed by a doctor can significantly ease the continual pain suffered by RSDS patients. If it is used responsibly, Illinois cannabis users who suffer from RSDS can receive relief from their pain and other symptoms with little side effects. They will be able to function better in life and have a higher quality of life. The cannabis used in Illinois dispensaries comes in several varieties.
If you don’t want to smoke cannabis for health reasons, try ingestable cannabis or use cannabis oil. If you suffer from RSDS, legal, responsible use of cannabis may be just what you need for relief of pain and your RSDS symptoms.

For additional information visit the RSDS Association.

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