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Child Safe Cannabis Packaging

Child Safe Packaging Solved by a Cancer Survivor Mother

In the vicinity of ‘the 405’ freeway and Santa Monica, there lies a strange place where the grown up trees line the streets and the front lawns are ready for gymnastic and health promoting activities. It is at the distance of a few minutes from the Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards. As you visit the place, you are reminded of the aristocratic West Los Angeles and even more importantly of June Cleaver’s area.

Once, while having a meal, Rebecca Lande had a discussion with residents in one of the beautiful abodes of the area. The topic of discussion was the unintended intake of marijuana products and the protection of children in such a situation. She hit upon an awesome idea and jotted it down on the back of a napkin. She is of the view that, through her upcoming patent MediSafeBox, she would be able to offer an effective solution to the issue of storage and packaging the drug that will prevent its exposure to children. As a mother, Lande has an aim to provide safety to those who are unsafe.

The family member of a local dwelling asked Lande to explain her revolutionary patient, called MediSafeBox while she was sitting conveniently in a classic armchair. Giving an imaginative interpretation of her plans, she said that it is like a situation where the pencil box of a child attains maturity and establishes wedlock with an extremely attractive Rx medicine container. She explained that it was where her actual child resistance patent is being presented. It has been made especially for the secure accommodation of eatables, drugs and accessory items related to pharmaceutical, recreational and medicinal use. The packages can not only be reused and resold but also be frozen. Moreover, these offer resistance to smell, moisture and dishwashing detergents.

Lande took pride in saying that their innovative tech and architecture, besides offering resistance to children, was also capable of resisting pet animals. She asserted that their packaging technology fully complies with the strict adult use cannabis rules in Washington and Colorado, and there can be found no other product of the same standard.

Meanwhile, you might be curious about life and career of the inventor of this ground breaking MediSafeBox. She is actually a cancer survivor and has to take a significant amount of pharmaceutical products on daily basis. Holding a Master’s degree in Public Policy, she served in the departments of Government Relations and Environmental Health and Safety. After the fatal leukemia diagnosis, she had to get premature retirement from the job. A successful stem cell transplant therapy changed her life altogether, giving her an opportunity to earn an honorable status in society. This Uber Mom is often found travelling with her child in school shuttle in California.

Lande has already completed the task of collecting data from the target market. The results of the survey reveal that about ninety percent of the 117 million households in the US are in want of protected storage of harmful pharmaceutical products, opium related medicines and marijuana. To cater to the needs of such people, she has produced various kinds of packaging boxes that are beautiful in design, attractive in outlook, easy to afford and can be used for multiple purposes. To prevent the unintended intake of marijuana products by household assistants, children, pets and unaware adults, the safety standards of MediSafeBoxes have been made better than those of FDA Child Resistant Cap (CRC).

After looking at the features of the packaging products offered by Kush Bottles, Rodawg, FunkSac, StinkSack, Cool, the experts come to realize that none of these carries the outstanding qualities of MediSafeBox technology. Though child-resistant parts can be found in each of these brands, but they fail in terms of standard and innovation. In the MediSafeBoxes, on the other hand, you see that the square-shaped containers have high clearance and can safeguard the marijuana edibles or any other related products during travel from the point of their production to the kitchen of end user. Lande is hopeful that her revolutionary technology will stand the test of time and deliver the best quality products at the doorstep of the users. These packages also come in conformity with the strict drug regulatory laws in the country and will prove to be of great appeal for the public at large.

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