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Cannabis and Genetic Analysis

Study Involving Genetic Analysis of Patients to Investigate Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana

It has been many years since people started treating their children, suffering from serious ailments, with cannabis and got satisfactory results. It proved to be very effective in relieving the symptoms of seizures. A large scale and unprecedented research work is going to start for which the participants will be collected soon. It is expected that the results of the study will reinforce the earlier findings.

The researcher at the University of Chicago, Denver are going to launch an innovative clinical trial in which they will examine the genes of the patients with Dravet Syndrome—a type of epilepsy. It is mandatory for the participants to have received the treatment of Charlotte’s Web—a strain of medical marijuana.

A plant in Colorado, named Realm of Caring has been grown by five brothers who are working for a non-profit organization. The marijuana produce from this plant is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—a compound that is active ingredient in cannabis. However, it is high in another compound, called CBD, which has potential to relieve seizures in the patients with some kinds of epilepsy.

On one hand, you see that Charlotte’s Web has brought significant improvement in the health of the patients with debilitating conditions while, on the other, there are hindrances on the way to scientific investigation of such cases, posed by the federal drug laws. The leading researcher of the Charlotte’s study, Edward Maa, says that the recent project would prove to be a milestone achievement in the field, eventually leading to the formation of a body of research. Maa, the head of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Programs at Denver Health and an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, says that through the present study people will get useful information about the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating epilepsy patients.

In the new research project, only those patients will be recruited who have already undergone treatment with Charlotte’s Web. The participants will be divided into two groups. In the first of these groups, there will be those individuals who experienced reduction in symptoms by at least 50 percent by the use of Charlotte’s Web. The second group will contain those who used marijuana oil but showed slow recovery or no improvement at all. Afterwards, the participants from both the groups will be subjected to genetic analysis. The researchers will try to figure out the genetic components in the body of the patients which are triggered by the use of cannabis. Meanwhile, interventional studies will also be conducted to determine the effects of Charlotte’s web on their health. However, this stage involves many difficulties. Maa has been reported as saying that it can be equated with a Holy Grail.

The investigators in the research team will gather information about the quantity of the drug used by the patients. In this way, they will be able to make research more fruitful. Maa says if they are able to get detailed information from a large number of individuals, it will add to the authenticity of their research work. He adds that the results of the study will be very beneficial for the parents of the children with Dravet Syndrome. It is because before starting the treatment, the children will be genetically screened and their parents will be informed about the effectiveness of the drug well in time. As Charlotte’s Web is harvested legally in Colorado, it will facilitate the research project. Moreover, many families from have other states have settled here to be able to use marijuana legally.

Maa says that the findings will be very fruitful for the families who have moved herein to access marijuana strain but are still confused about the effectiveness of the drug.

As planned, the data for the study will be gathered until the second month of 2016 but the recruitment of the test patients will start in a month.

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