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Hemp Cultivation and Research in Illinois

Cultivation and Research of Hemp in Illinois

This year witnessed many headlines about Illinois medical marijuana throughout the state. Meanwhile, the individuals and firms desirous of investing in the production and distribution of marijuana seemed reluctant in taking an initiative.

Here a headline about industrial cannabis is worth mentioning.

The industrial segment of the marijuana program is not as important as other parts. With regards to the hemp industry, it involves the production of seeds and fiber which, in turn, can be utilized to make clothes, eatables, fuel, building materials, plastic products, paper and drinks.

As reported by Eric Pollitt, the Peoria owner of an online cannabis shop Global Hemp, the Governor Pat Quinn quietly passed a bill which legally allowed the possession of hemp for use in study this summer.

Pollitt says that according to the provisions of the bill, the students in the 4-year agriculture degree awarding universities are permitted to use cannabis in their research work. Eric Pollitt is himself passionate about carrying out research in the field of hemp fiber processing.

He added that in hemp industry the state of Illinois can play a leading role. When asked about the state’s response towards industrial cannabis, the head of the industrial hemp in the Illinois Agriculture Department replied that the state would remain reactive and not proactive. It has also been discovered that the bill does not have any provision for funding in this industry.

He said that it would be unfortunate for Illinois if the state fails to make progress in cannabis industry.

According to Pollitt, Canada has been growing hemp for years but over there only seeds are utilized for commercial gains. In Europe, on the other hand, it is harvested to get fiber. In Paris, it is used on large scale for the production of paper.

He said that Illinois can make the most out of hemp crop by utilizing the produce for multiple gains. The climate of the state is already favorable for the plant and local market has a great potential.

Pollitt explained that it is not hard to grow the crop itself, but what the hemp industry needs to flourish is the availability of harvesting facilities. As Eli Whitney’s device brought revolution in cotton industry, there is the need of same type of innovation that could facilitate hemp harvesting.

Pollitt wants Illinois to introduce some innovative technology and set precedence for other states to follow. He is of the view that some agriculture related school or firm, like John Deere, should take an initiative and take the hemp industry ahead.

It is to be noted that hemp has a long history in Illinois. In this regard, during World War II, when the Japanese conquest of the Philippines caused cut off in the supply of Manila hemp to the US, the farmers in the state grew the crop in large quantities. The fiber, thus produced, was used for making rope that was needed during the time of war.

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