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Jeff Merkley Supports Legalization of Cannabis

US Senator, Jeff Merkley, First in Favor of Legalizing Cannabis

As reported by Talking Point Memo (TPM), Jeff Merkley is going to be the first ever US Senator to support the decriminalization of marijuana extract. He will be voting in favor of Measure 91 that is meant for the legalization of cannabis as a pot drug in Oregon.

Last week, Sahil Kapur—a senior congressional correspondent of TPM—was told by Jeff Merkley that the latter would be going in favor of the marijuana legalization program. Jeff Merkley represents the Democratic Party in the country. Earlier this month, a senior political reporter from Oregon, Jeff Mapes, had already revealed the motives of the Democratic senator.

Merkley has been reported as saying that both the groups of people, opposing and favoring the program, are right at their own place. He added that a line of new products has become a matter of serious concern for the authorities as actual history of performance regarding cannabis programs in Washington and Colorado isn’t yet available. He said that he, personally, is of the view that such an initiative should be given concrete shape as the country’s justice system makes a lot of expenditure to enforce drug regulatory policies.

This morning there came another development related to marijuana that is worth mentioning. It has been reported that, last week, the chief marijuana consultant to Washington, Mark Kleiman, expressed his views about Oregon’s cannabis decriminalization program. He said there are certain weak points in the Measure 91 which can be corrected by the Oregon Legislature and, overall, the program deserves to be voted in favor.

Indicating the weaknesses in Measure 91, Kleiman says that it does not give a comprehensive view about the issues of drug trafficking and incompletely elaborates the use of the compound in diseases. The measure fails to include satisfactory rules and regulations to prohibit the illegal trade of cannabis and its influx into the neighboring states of Oregon. Though there has been paid due attention to prohibit its use by minors but the danger of addiction among adults has not been considered adequately.

An important thing about the legalized marijuana industry is that, with its launch, it will become very economical to avail and the drug. After the production of marijuana starts at industrial level and the companies come into competition, excluding tax a marijuana cigarette would be as cheap as a tea-bag. On the contrary, its price in the illegal market and medical-dispensary is hundred times higher. If tax is included, a marijuana cigarette would cost only 50 cents more and that is not enough.

To sum up, the reports coming from CBS News say that amid the intense competition for Colorado governor, cannabis has become a subject of heated debate.

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