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Illinois Cannabis Seeds

Illinois Cannabis Cultivation, Obtaining the First Seeds

Though there has been a trend among many states of the US to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational but the illegal use still persists and no one is willing to pay attention to it.

It seems that, at first, the drug regulatory authorities would be ignoring the activities of the license holders after they set up growth centers and dispensaries for marijuana and start their business.

Bradley Vallerius, an Illinois marijuana industry expert, said that initially the business activities would be kept highly secret. He added that he has seen the cases when customers try to get the drug but don’t know how to go ahead.

Twenty-three states in the US have already legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes while in two other states of Washington and Colorado it is allowed to be used as a pot drug. On the other hand, the federal law still poses legal restrictions on it. This absurdity of the country’s laws causes serious concern among individuals. That is why when a new state legalizes marijuana the people initially find themselves in a critical situation which can be termed as the problem of ‘first seed’ or ‘immaculate conception’.

After legalization, it becomes easy to get medical marijuana but, at first, people feel hesitation and resolve to carry out secret dealings in the drug which can be considered as going against the laws of the state as well as the federal government.

Toni Fox is a marijuana grower in Colorado. She says that when she placed her first order for marijuana crop seeds to a company, advertised in High Times magazine, they seemed to be very hesitant to deliver the order. Finally, they brought her the seeds secretly kept among other things, like coffee mugs and t-shirts.

The licenses are expected to be given to the potential applicants till the end of the year in Illinois. So, for getting the seeds or cuttings, the investors have already started making contact with the illegal growers. Meanwhile, the companies in Canada and Netherlands are making assurances that they will deliver the seeds in unmarked bags after receiving online orders from the clients.

The officials in Illinois seem to be following the principle of “no questions-answers” as the majority of the state laws are not showing any response to the illegal trafficking of the marijuana seeds. As far Washington is concerned, the cannabis growing businesses take non-flowering plants to their growth centers and get them registered in about half a month during which they usually observe a period of silence.

Once in the coastal seaport city of Seattle, a medical marijuana grower got illegal entry into the pot market and succeeded in collecting over two-thousand plants. However, after getting informed about the incident, the police reached the place and took most of the plants back, while leaving the individuals with just forty-five.

Matthew Segal is the name of the grower who was caught red handed in the recreational market incident. Though he is facing no criminal charges but claims that he had to lose about one million dollars on account of the raid. In order to make up for the losses, he has already sold a marijuana dispensary and also plans to sell his house. He was reported as saying that the regulations in the state become Swiss cheese when the governments start behaving differently.

The licenses for setting up marijuana industry are expected to be given to the applicants soon, in Nevada. The state gives legal permission to registered patients to cultivate up to twelve plants. They are allowed to sell the marijuana plants to the growth centers but only for one time.

Pam Graber is the spokesperson for the Medical Marijuana Program of Nevada. He was reported as saying that they have got a lesson from the troublesome situations in other states and are trying to prevent such unfavorable conditions.

Concerning from where the patients will be getting marijuana seeds or plants, there is no elaboration in the Nevada law. Grabber said that they were not in a position to make any propositions to the patients in this regard.

At a meeting for the marijuana industry, when asked about the access of the patients to the seeds, the Illinois officials gave no clear answer.

When asked to elaborate how the growers will get seeds or plants of medical marijuana, the program director Mob Morgan replied that whoever is going to set up the growth center will be having a plan to get these things and start the business.

Lou Lang agreed that the lawmakers are aware of the issues about acquiring seeds. He is the State Republican who patronized the cannabis law of Illinois. He said that the issue was not taken into consideration while devising the law. He further said that they cannot enforce a criminal act through a law.

Having shops both in Illinois and Wisconsin, it has been decades since David Ittel started selling supplies for indoor gardening. He does not agree that the equipment, like water pumps and light timers, he sold was used for criminal activities. Meanwhile, in Illinois, he has started contacting the potential investors of the marijuana industry.

Ittel says that he was requested by the people to supply them with seeds to which he replied he did not deal in such a business.

He is of the view that some cultivation center owners will be acquiring seeds or plants through illegal means, like black market. Legal markets in other states may also serve as a source of plant supply for them. Meanwhile, he also said that initially there would be a secret influx of plant into Illinois.

As Colorado has already got a prosperous pot market, the state may serve as a supplier of marijuana. Meanwhile, Lewis Koski the director of Marijuana Enforcement in Colorado has warned the growers that it will be illegal for them to send marijuana out of the state.

Konski said that he is not familiar with the law that allows for the out of the state supply of the plant. He added that if the growers commit such an illegal act, besides facing criminal charges, they may also get their business permits cancelled.

Chris Lindsey, a legal analyst for the national Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), emphasized on the need to find a federal solution for the issue of illegal marijuana supply across states.

He added that if federal government does not take an initiative in this regard, the states will have to look for alternative options to make the operation of the business possible in their territory.

When asked about the issue of marijuana seed supply, Sara Gullickson did not give any suggestion to the customers though she appeared to have some idea about it. She belongs to, a consulting firm based in the state of Massachusetts.

She was reported as saying that though it is a criminal act to get the supplies of marijuana seeds and plants from other states, but the growers are left with no other option.

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