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Majority of Patients State Cannabis Treatment Effective

Medical Marijuana Shows Positive Signs in 92% of the Patients

The New England Journal of Medicine, through a study in 2013, discovered that 80% of the doctors give their approval to the use of cannabis for the treatment of certain medical conditions. The large scale survey, conducted in California, also indicated that medical marijuana served to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, cancer, migraine and arthritis in 92 percent of the patients.

In cooperation with the CDC, the Public Health Institute provided 7,525 adults from California to serve as sample for this research program. The data released by the CBRFSS (California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance) indicated that only 5% of the patients using marijuana were suffering from serious medical conditions.

As revealed by the authors of report, the research results reinforce the conception that the use of the drug is not limited to a particular group of people as many individuals have been found using it in general. In terms of men and women, both the genders have been using it in almost equal proportion. Among different age groups, the young adults were found more interested in its usage as compared with the adults of other age groups.

Concerning marijuana usage among members of different races, only small differences were noticed. So, the authors are of the view that, on practical grounds, the absolute difference of less than 3 percentage points between the ethnic/racial groups does not count to be significant.

Though medical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states, people still look at it with a questioning attitude. Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, said in an interview a year ago that cannabis is one of the great deceptions in history. In early part of 2014, John Lovell, a lobbyist in California narcotics police, was reported as saying that medical marijuana law of California is but a great hoax.

However, such notions are not reinforced by the study. The authors of the report explain that the research does not support the commonly held belief that healthy individuals are involved in the overuse of the drug. The results further indicate that in majority of the cases, the drug is used by those who do not find an alternative for relieving the symptoms of medical conditions, like cancer, migraines and chronic pain.

It is only patients who can give reliable information about the effectiveness of medical marijuana. But, unfortunately, the patients either did not dare speak on the issue or their views were altogether ignored. Meanwhile, the advocacy groups and individuals with impious interests have been prevailing on the scene.

The present research findings serve to remove many misconceptions about the medical marijuana as the patients have provided a clear idea about the effectiveness of the drug.

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