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Cannabis for Epilepsy Illinois

Illinois Adds Epilepsy to Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis

US states have been taking measures to relieve restrictions on the use of cannabis and the latest, in this line, came a law in Illinois that was signed on Sunday by Pat Quinn, a Democratic Governor. According to this law, the use of marijuana as medicine will be made legal for children as well as adults suffering from seizures.

A number of states in the country have already decriminalized the use of cannabis and its extracts for individuals with certain diseases. Presently, there is an initiative to include the seizure disorders, like epilepsy, in the list of such diseases.

Pat Quinn says that the recent law is being enforced to give relief to a large number of children and adults in the state. He adds that epilepsy is a deteriorating medical condition and the provision of such a relief is very necessary to relieve some of the symptoms of seizures in the people victimized by it.

Coming into force in January, 2015, the Illinois medical marijuana law will permit the use of non-smokable forms of cannabis for the treatment of children with seizures but, for this, the parents should also be showing their consent.

Jim Durkin, a Republican state lawmaker, is one of the sponsors for the new law. He has been reported as saying that he has got Hugh, a 14-year-old boy, who is suffering from epilepsy. According to him, the parents of the boy, Bob and Kelly, have tried their utmost to provide him with utmost possible relief by the use of traditional medicines, but it went all in vain.

The medical marijuana plan has got a wide scope and is going to be a tightly regulated program. It was just the last week when regulations regarding the Illinois law were given a final shape. Now the state is finalizing the overall plan.

Katie Hickey, a spokeswoman for Quinn, made a statement on Sunday that applications will be sought from the interested individuals in September this year. Regarding the launch of the full program, she says that it will possibly come into force early in the ensuing year.

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